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Professional tools are our area of expertise.

About us

Founded in 2004, Saman Abzar Pouya is an expert Group in importing and manufacturing tools and accessories for the Iranian and global markets.

The company focuses on providing specialized tools fittings, and metal construction equipment.
Relying on the principle of knowledge, experience and dynamism, this company seeks to provide new and competent solutions in issues related to specialized fields of industry. 
Regardless of any challenges or issues, Saman Abzar Pouya Company is committed to continuously enhancing and improving its products and services, adhering to the aforementioned principles.


Saman Abzar Pouya, where functionality meets sophistication. Whether tending to your green oasis or securing your sanctuary, our sub-brands meet your needs with quality, innovation and a touch of modern elegance.

Take your gardening and farming to the next level with Gardenia. From ergonomic hand tools to advanced equipment, Gardenia enables you to maintain your green spaces with precision and care.

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Step into the future of home security and automation with Livsmart. Explore a world where your home responds to your needs, offering innovative technology that seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.

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Activity Fields

“Gardenia” and “Livsmart” cover horticulture, agriculture, home security and smart living, offering a diverse portfolio to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Gardening and agriculture equipment and tools

Digital and smart door locks and equipment